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Our Vision

Phil and Lucie Mims

Earning millions,
Giving millions,
Feeding millions

President Phil Mims talks about our mission to feed the kids (2 minutes)

Have you DREAMED: what if...
I owned my OWN business? Now you do!
The Journey begins as you experience the satisfaction that comes with owning your own business, the independence you always wanted, a better standard of living than if you worked for someone else; and the opportunity for future generations to share the legacy.

Ever Wondered: what if...
I could finally experience personal financial FREEDOM?
Using simple financial planning tools we provide is the first and most important step you can take towards putting your money to work for you instead of being controlled by it and forever falling short of your financial goals. ON this site we will show you how.

Have you : wanted to...
look and feel 10 or 20 years YOUNGER?
Can you envision a healthier you? We will help show you how to shed the unwanted pounds, and help make that special person in your life fall in love with you all over again.

Dreaming of a Legacy: what if...
You could help feed starving CHILDREN and give them a happier world?
Join us as we seek to bring food and compassion to the world’s poorest children. It is wonderful to help change the life of a hungry child, and bring hope to their community. Together we can change the world for an entire generation.

Let your Dreams come true as you move through these pages and links...

Is a vision birthed from Phil and Lucie Mims. They bring years of almost unparalleled success, knowledge and talent to help make your dreams come true.

At Nussentials, we will do our part to make your dreams a reality!
Will you do yours?

The Opportunity of a lifetime! Nussentials offers a unique business opportunity in the direct selling industry that can put you in control of the time and financial challenges you face each day. Since you're starting your Nussentials business today, these Power Team pages are created to help you learn what to do to acheive your dreams.

Never done this before? Don't fear...
As a T-E-A-M, we are all committed to your success. Listen to the recordings of our leaders and be inspired.

Our powerful 8 level income program pays you month after month, year after year, for work you may have only done one time! While you are creating an income with us, our company takes a percentage of all sales and helps feed starving kids around the world.

Visit www.feedthekids.us to review a recorded conference presenting our business.

You are now in the right place, at the right time, with the right company and cutting edge products, and the right mission to make a difference in this world!

The greatest need in the world today is relieving starvation. Kids go hungry every day. We at Nussentials intend to help change that through our compensation plan.

The greatest need in America today is wellness. Nussentials' stabilized rice bran products help you correct undernourishment and vitamin-deficiency while providing your body with a mix of disease-fighting ingredients. If you know someone who is overweight or someone who has diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, or cancer, or someone who would just like to feel great again, you probably understand the market potential for Nussentials' products.

Nussentials' unique business opportunity features multiple pay streams and a simple business plan where others are paid to help you. With Nussentials you can:

  • be your own boss and work from home,
  • earn immediate income while building a residual check by providing better nutrition to many, and
  • make a difference by feeding starving kids from company revenues you help create

We will help you with the training. On these pages are the tools and support you need. We will help you lead the wellness revolution and enable you to help people feel great again!
Now, look and listen, and learn from this team training site.

Listen to a recorded live training.

You've joined us, now let's make a difference starting today!

"...to leave the world a
better place...to know
even one life has breathed easier because you have
lived. This is to have succeeded."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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