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$$$ Details

Retail Qualifiers and the / Forced Matrix

5 Levels Only Perfect World 1500 PCV

Advantages of NU's business model and products for your retail business:

•  Approx. $1200 + additional “profit center” for YOU / additional referrals to your business to increase your overall gross sales / net profit.

•  Enhance the health and inner / outer beauty of the client / customer

•  Tax advantages + Individual Retirement Account ( IRA ) advantages

•  Leverage – having a system that now works for YOU. Cashflow potential when you increase the size of our network by referral .

•  All retail business owners have the same offer and potential for income

Illustration of leverage for the Senior Mrkt. Rep. who will develop a network of Retail owners offering Nussentials products (1500 cv = $1800 inventory) :

3 Retailers x 1500 cv = 4500 cv @ 12% = $540

9 Retailers x 1500 cv = 13,500 cv @ 12% = $1620

27 Retailers x 1500 cv = 40,500 cv @ 12% = $4860

81 Retailers x 1500 cv = 121,500 cv @ 12% = $14,580

243 Retailers x 1500cv = 364,500 cv @ 12% = $43,740

Total of 366 Retailers and a monthly commission income of over $65,000 per month to you. Nussentials does all shipping, accounting, & $$$ dispersements.

There are additional %'s you can qualify for based on volume. This is only the first part of our network compensation.

This is a “perfect world” scenario and Nussentials will pay commissions according to this formula … however … results will vary based on execution . A network and income like this is built, with effort, over time.

The initial $300 enrollment fee / $20.00 monthly website fee or the Executive Pack for $1099 with 12% residuals to start are insignificant costs for the Retail owner. The inventory cost is recovered with the product sales to the clients and the profit is about 80 -100% of “cost of inventory” with the “Retail Pool Bonus” included. Nussentials' profit goal for the Retail owner is $1200-1400 / each month separate from … building a network of Retail owners and the commissions received from their monthly volume as shown above.

CASHFLOW: Either as a business owner with higher customer traffic or an individual with a talent for gathering customers … you have the ability to qualify for Nu's retail pool. If you can do it … you can refer others to do it!

When you start to build a network of “retailers” offering NU's products you now put … our system and leverage … to work for you 24/7. With your minimum volume requirements met, you can continue to earn commissions from the network whether you “show up “ or not.

Being able to create an income … outside of your own work … is one of the most important factors in creating affluence and “time freedom”.

That income is called “cashflow”, and when you have it you don't have to work anymore … your money/system now works for you . With our system this can happen in a short time and give you the potential for a “business/retirement type income “ far larger than what the average person might or would expect.

Use Nu's products, sell Nu's products. Use our system of leverage to your benefit. Refer other businesses and people to our network and expand your income and cashflow.

Reminder: you can also earn a new car from our “Luxury Car Program” in the process of building your business network. Ask for details!

We want to support your success as we expand around the country and the world.

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