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Conference Calls
Phil Mims, President, and Dr. Kevin Pine, V.P. 11/14/2010 (68 min)
John Bigelow interviews Phil Mims 9/19/2010 (60 min)
Kevin Pine: The Practical Secrets of Success (50 minutes)
Product call with Dr. Jonathan Musher 1/24/2012
Step-by-step guided tour of your PWP back office with Robert Mims 9/3/2010 (60 minutes)
The 3 Youngest NMR's share how to get to the Top!
Conference call 6/7/2009 Phil Mims, Kevin Pine, Carolyn Beck
Medical professionals panel discusses Nussentials' products. Include on the call are Dr Ron Rubin, Dr John Musher, Dr Myles Bader, Dr Kevin Pine, and Jackie Vance.
December 8, 2008 Q & A with Phil Mims and Kevin Pine
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October 30, 2008 Interview with Kevin Pine, VP of Strategic Planning / Field Development
May 20, 2008 Interview with Nussentials co-owner, Lucie Mims
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Phone Recordings


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Phil Mims talks about our mission to feed the kids
641-715-3900 Ext 23638#
Listen online
Dr. Ron Rubin explains our products 641-715-3900 Ext 23637#
Listen online
Sean O'Connor describes the Cashflow Quadrant 641-715-3900 Ext 23639#
Listen online
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"As you grow, what you earn, what you create,
and all you build, is not nearly as important as what you become
in the process."

-Phil Mims

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